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quip: Editions

Expanding upon quip’s core product line, we expanded the brand identity to account for each special edition launch.


A special edition all black metal brush was launched on getquip.com in 2018 and in Target in 2019.

The All-Black packaging contrasted quip’s usual all-white packaging, with a sheer UV coating over the brush against a matte background.

Kids Brush

Designed with a similar design concept of the adult brush, quip made a smaller brush head with four bright and easy-grip handle colors, plus a kid-friendly watermelon toothpaste. The brand team assisted with the product color selection through to the launch art direction and marketing creative.

The photography direction was inspired by the brush handle colors, and we focused on engouraging kids to feel more adult, and to learn to brush like mom and dad.

Kids packaging utilized the same bright handle-inspired color, a playful addition that contrasted and complimented the adult line.

Other Limited Editions

Allowing color unique to inspire each launch, allowed us to keep the brand dynamic and fresh, yet always recognizably quip.

Brand Partnerships

This color strategy lended well to other brand partnerships, such as RED.