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Over three years, I served as Creative Director, creating and managing the in-house design team, across quip’s brand touchpoints.

Brush better

quip initially sold two products at subscription, an electric toothbrush and toothpaste. We established the concept “Brush Better” throughout digital and physical campaigns. Focusing on striking graphic layouts, we mixed photo and illustration with a direct yet cheeky tone.

Animation: Po Chen Chia

2018 Retail Packaging 

quip launched in Target in 2018. We crafted retail packaging to accomidate a brush and paste. The product hardware team designed the form and materials, and the brand design team designed the interior, exterior, and welcome experience.


A special edition all black metal brush was launched on getquip.com in 2018 and in Target in 2019.

Care for your mouth

NYC subway station takeover at West 4th, asks riders to “Care for your mouth / Like you care for everything else”

Kids Brush

Designed with the same ideas of the adult brush, but made to fit with a smaller brush head, four bright and easy-grip handle colors, plus a kid-friendly watermelon toothpaste. The brand team assisted with the product color selection through to the launch art direction and marketing creative.

Photo by Jurada Studio

The photography direction was inspired by the brush handle colors, and we focused on engouraging kids to feel more adult, and to learn to brush like mom and dad.

Visual & Verbal Brand Standards

Inspired by the product, illustration and copy crafted a signature tone and overall visual identity.

Photo by Mari Juliano


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